Billy Fury Snogged my Friend Against a Tree!


By Lyn Funnell.

We all loved Billy Fury in the 1960s.

In those days, celebrity groups and singers travelled light. They didn’t have lorries loaded with props, or a large team of Roadies, Security Guards, Wardrobe, etc. They just turned up and played, and their instruments were transported in a van.

Ticket prices were a lot lower, and everyone could afford to see their favourite groups. In fact, a lot of them used to tour together, so you could see half a dozen great acts in one show!

Whose fault is it that the Stars don’t just play now? They’re expected to put on a performance. And they only play in huge venues, so their shows are impersonal, expensive, and often miles from where their fans live.

And of course, with the British transport system now, young teenagers can’t get there, even if they can cadge the ticket money from their parents.

One Saturday, Billy Fury, who was a huge star then, was appearing at the Town Hall in Lewes, Sussex. It’s a lovely old building, but quite small.

billy-fury2My friend (I’ll call her Charlene, because she doesn’t know I’m writing this, although I’m sure she wouldn’t mind) and her friend went to see him because she was mad about him.

When the show finished, Charlene and her friend just walked up on to the stage and went behind the curtains, (remember, there were no muscular security guards to block their way then) and there was Billy Fury with his manager.

After they’d been chatting for a while, Billy and his manager offered the girls a lift home. They immediately jumped at the offer, so Billy Fury drove them home through Lewes.

Then Billy Fury snogged my friend against a tree while his manager snogged Charlene’s friend.

They said Goodbye. Billy Fury and his manager drove off, and Charlene had to walk all the way back down the town to pick up her father’s car! She passed her test at 17, which was really rare then.

We were all sad when he died. And every time I see or hear him, I picture my friend snogging him against a tree, then walking all the way down the town to get her car!


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