Davey Graham


In the early sixties I was begining to hear some amazing acoustic guitar players around that had influenced lots of the well known bands of the time ,in papers like Melody Maker adverts every week had names like Wizz Jones ,Martin Carthy ,John Renbourn,Ralph Mctell,Bert Jansch ,so I started hunting out their records.The first one was Bert Jansch first album and it really surprised me at the quality of the songs and especially the guitar playing ,I had never heard guitar playing like it.                   After buying a lot of other records by some of the others I had not got any of Davey Grahams until my wife and I went to see him at a folk club in Lewes in Sussex,he was remarkable,the diversity he played was eye opening.there are quite a few that I remember,I’m ready from Muddy Waters,Junkers Blues from Champion Jack Dupree,The show tune On Broadway,The folk tune She moves through the Fair which he did in DADGAD tuning that he had started a few years before,he also did some tunes on a Sarod which I think he got in Turkey on one of his trips playing and collecting tunes and songs on the way .                                                                                                               Then a little later I bought Folk Routes New Routes by Davey and Shirley CollIns this was a revelation to us all,what he did with traditional songs with Shirley was out standing.                                 All the above guitar players mentioned have all said at some point that Davey Graham was the one they all were amazed by,and all of them are pretty amazing in their own right!! Other players who became household names were also influenced by him ,Paul Simon,Bob Dylan,Jimmy Page Keith Richards and lots more besides.Without people like Davey Graham,Alexis Korner, Chris Barber,Lonnie Donnegan,John Mayall and the players mentioned earlier todays music would be so much different.

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  1. I met Davey in a small pub in Lewes in the 80s. He was very friendly & natural & spoke to the small audience.
    His then American wife sat next to me on a very uncomfortable bench. I was wriggling & Davey asked if I’d to sit on his coat, & his wife said, ‘No, I’ve just ironed it!’
    I’m not sure how she ironed a suede jacket!
    They split up soon after.
    Lyn Funnell.

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