Hazmat Modine


Okay, if like me you listen to all types of music give Hazmat Modine a turn on whatever machine you like because this Band seem to be able to play anything,there are obvious connections to Jazz,Blues,Country ,Folk,East European,Flamenco and loads more besides.Hazmat Modines album Cicada is where I first became aware of them and that is some introduction ,it was so good I put it straight back on again.                                                                                                                                            When listening or watching Hazmat Modine don’t expect the music to be predictable,it goes off in all directions and tangents which I really enjoy.Certainly it is obviously structured by the musicians themselves as they clearly know what they are doing!! but it really can go anywhere so understandably to see or hear them live is the best option.                                                                                                          There are quite a few members of Hazmat Modine past and present including Wade Schuman (vcls,hca) Joe Daley (tuba,sousaphone) Randy Weinstein (hca) Eric Della Penna (gtr,banjo,vcls)Pamela Fleming (trpt, flugelhorn)Steve Elson (sax,duduk) Michael Gomez (gtr.) William Bauch (drms)Rachelle Garniez (accord,claviola,vcls) Bill Barret (hca) Scott Veenstra (drms) and probably more. Imagine the noise possible with all those different and diverse instruments.                                                                     Listening to tracks `The Tide’ and ‘Mockingbird’ will give any listener an idea of what this outstanding band are capable of. Originally formed in the late ’90s Hazmat Modine have toured many countries and continue to do so,if you ever get the chance to see them you won’t forget it!!!

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